Industrial filters

The brand CINTROPUR® offers a wide range of mechanical filters designed for filtering out clear and slightly contaminated water. The industrial range features 3 filters and is capable of handling flow rates from 20 to 30 m³/h.
  • NW 500 : 20 m3/h (2")
  • NW 650 : 25 m3/h (2 ½")    
  • NW 800 : 30 m3/h (3")   
Basic principle: filtering out solid particles (earth, sand, rust, etc,) suspended in the water.

Possibility of combining mechanical filter + UV and activated carbon with DUO, TIO® (two in one) TIO®+UV.

Main advantages
  • double stage of filtration (centrifugal flow thanks to the vane + filtering sleeve)
  • filtration practically without accumulation
  • low pressure drop
  • high and constant flow rate
  • large choice of filtering fineness ranging from 5 to 300 microns
  • 100% synthetic filter and high resistance
  • sealing guaranteed thanks to the O-ring system
  • fast and easy rinsing thanks to the drain cock
  • long lifetime and uninterrupted spare parts supply
  • reduced need for maintenance




NW62 NW75 NW500 NW650 NW800
Industrial activated carbon:    
Industrial UV:  

CINTROPUR® Activated carbon
Industrial UV 10000 
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