Water sterilization by UV radiation

The CINTROPUR® brand offers a wide range of devices for UV sterilisation.

The UV range includes the sterilizers UV 2000, TIO-UV, UV 10.000, UV 2100, DUO-UV and TRIO-UV. The UV 10.000 is a sterilizer for collective or industrial use; the recommended flow will vary between 7 and 10 m³/h. It is supplied as standard with its wall mount; the removable brass fittings remain an accessory.

All other sterilizers in the range are supplied as standard with two ¾’’ fittings + two 1’’ fittings + the wall mount(s) required and the removal key. The treated flows vary between 1 and 2 m³/h for these UV sterilizers. As a disinfection method, this preferred technology is environmentally friendly. It is proven to remove germs, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. The TIO-UV and TRIO-UV filters consist of ideal combinations of mechanical filtration, activated carbon filtration and UV sterilisation.

The treatment effectiveness is controlled by biodosimetry testing. Innovative, and based on an ingenious design, the TIO-UV and TRIO-UV are perfectly suited for the full treatment of rainwater.

Main advantages
  • More compact than any other UV sterilizer with connection of the lamp via a bayonet fitting (5° rotation)
  • Innovative maintenance tracking system
  • Easy installation, use and maintenance
  • Judiciously selected lamp power
  • 100% physical disinfection without risk of overdose and without leaving any unpleasant taste or odour
  • No toxic by-products created in the process
  • Full compatibility with any CINTROPUR filter already fitted to the installation
  • Effectiveness of treatment evidenced by biodosimetry testing


2000 TIO-UV 10000







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