Water Purifiers

For your own health’s sake you should drink and cook with purified water. The CINTROCLEAR® (UF 400 and UF 500) is a water purifier that is based on high performance ultra filtration. The AC110 model will be used with activated carbon in order to remove any unpleasant odours or tastes and also pesticides and herbicides as well.

Equipped with 4 or 5 specialised levels of filtering modules, those devices will help you to solve accidental or chronic pollution problems, agricultural or industrial, whether of chemical or pathological origin.

All the CINTROCLEAR® models are connected to the public water mains and will be judiciously placed under your sink in the kitchen.

5 specialised filtration modules:
  1. prefiltration module – 5 µ: retains particles and suspended matter.
  2. de-nitrification module: efficient reduction of excessive nitrate levels.
  3. activated carbon module: activated carbon, compressed at high pressure and bound with a high pressure polymer. It removes heavy metals and chemical residues (lead, residual chlorine, etc,...). Unpleasant tastes and odours in the water are also removed.
  4. Ultra filtration module: made of microporous 0.03µ tubes, it removes 99,99% of all viral and bacterial matter.
  5. UV generator: this ultraviolet germicide destroys 99,99% of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and other forms of micro-organisms. It works only when you take water directly from the tap.


+ activated carbon)
(4 filtration levels)
(5 filtration levels)
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Container ADS100 for AC110 Container ADS150 for AC110 Container ADS150
+UF for AC110
Maintenance kit identical UF 400/UF500   
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