Wearing and tearing components, spare parts

Mechanical filtration

Thanks to a patented water filtration system proven for over 35 years, the company’s professional experience spans the world. The exclusive Cintropur® filter system is aimed at removing solid particles such as earth, sand, rust and moulds from water supplies. The Cintropur® range is capable of filtering particles from 300 microns down to as fine as five microns in size. The low maintenance costs are a key selling point. The Cintropur® filter sleeve is a very low cost replaceable item, so filter maintenance is a simple process and replacement costs are low.

Filtration by Activated carbon

Cintropur® has selected the most efficient activated carbon. It is available in refills and especially developed for an easy use with the Cintropur® devices.

Water sterilization by UV radiation

For each UV device, the lamp power was judiciously selected. The efficiency of the treatment is proven by bio-dosimetry tests.

Water purifiers:
  • Cintropur® has selected the judicious refills for each purifier.
  • For models UF400 and UF500, a complete replacement kit is available.
  • For model AC110, there is an activated carbon cartridge to be replaced. Three different models are available (ADS100, ADS150 et ADS150+UF).
Spare parts

Cintropur® offers a wide range of accessories such as: wall fixations, pressure gauges, drain cocks, etc,...The refillable container CTN especially developed for models  NW25 TE-CTN, DUO-CTN, TIO, TIO-UV will make the refill very easy.

Although Cintropur® filters are famous for robustness and reliability, we provide for uninterrupted spare parts supply. For any spare part you need, please contact your local distributor.

Wearing and tearing components

Filtering sleeves
Activated carbon
UV lamps and quartz
Kits for water purifier


Container CTN

Residential wall fixation
Industrial wall fixation
Drain cock

Spare parts:      


Spare parts         
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