Cintropur OEM:

The R&D Department boasts significant experience in product development: it can develop for YOU products tailored to your specific application. Minimum volumes will be required in this case.

Expertise & audits:

Thanks to its experience in advanced air filtration technologies, Airwatec performs full audits for its customers, providing a complete technical and commercial in-depth analysis of optimal solutions.
  • Assessment of air movements
  • Search for the optimal filtration system taking into account all operating parameters such as cost, energy, maintenance staff etc.
  • Monitoring of all filtration or dust removal facilities of one site or more, if the customer has multiple sites
  • Performance monitoring
  • Other


Airwatec specializes in industrial engineering applied to filtration, ventilation and air or gas purification.

  • We handle surveys, design and workshop manufacturing, as well as the installation of your facilities.
  • We design and carry out for you retrofits and upgrades on existing facilities. We design and build your industrial air filtration chambers for flow rates ranging from 100 m3/h to 1,000,000 m3/h and more.
  • Several thousand references in industrial filtration in areas such as energy, steel mills, cement plants, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, industrial gases, agro-food industry etc.
  • We can handle projects from start to finish, from the first contact to the 'turnkey' assembled facility. (See below)


More than just a skilled workforce (VCA certified for the petrochemical industry) and products to replace your filters, this is also a full service designed to optimise your installations in terms of service life, price, energy saving and operational profitability.

We monitor your facilities closely with the help of specific computer software. For strategic facilities under contract, our large inventory allows us to react 24/7.

As regards filter monitoring and replacement, we are active in areas such as: energy, steel industry, cement plants, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, technical gases, agro-food industry etc.

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